About Our Business

Here at Selective Restaurant Recruiters  you
can find a quality stable career. Choose from
employers and positions across the country.
Selective Restaurant Recruiters  is a free job
placement service. Our goal is to help you to
develop your career. Our recruiters work with many
of the most well known companies and restaurants
in the industry. Many of our recruiters have previous
restaurant management experience, thus having a
good hands-on knowledge of the industry.

Our goal is to not just build careers but build
rewarding professional relationships with our
candidates. Working closely with our candidates,
we are able to provide a more personalized service
that yields better results. Our recruiters are friendly,
professional, and enjoyable to work with. The result
is a rewarding experience with possibilities of an
excellent career in the end. All this comes, of
course, at no cost to you.

We recruit for all restaurant management careers,
Casual/Family style concepts and Fine Dining. We
represent a strong portfolio of companies who offer
competitive salaries, growth opportunities, and
personal development.
About us
Selective Restaurant Recruiters
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email: srrcareers@aol.com