Selective Restaurant Recruiters
Selective Restaurant Recruiters provides
selective client-oriented recruiting services. We
provide you management talent for your
restaurants and corporate positions. Our business
is to know your needs, so we can effectively
provide you with selective, productive, long –term
employees. We save you time and expense by
searching the best prospects. Our experience
provides you with the unique and selective
candidates. We employ proven networking and
sourcing techniques, utilize a sophisticated
candidate tracking systems. And nationwide
restaurant service network. The
candidates matching your needs are selected for
the professional and personal characteristics you
They are interviewed to assess strengths,
weaknesses, and personal styles.  
 Our services include
  •    Identifying and assessing qualified
  •   Providing candidates with the appropriate
    information about your organization.
  •   Follow the interview process.
  •   Addressing all the questions and concerns
    you or the candidate may have.
  •   Post-interview assessment of the
    candidate’s views and  interest.
  •   Assisting with the negotiations to hire a
  •   Complete confidentiality of your hiring
    and employment  needs.